September 2, 2021 By

I want to thank you all for always supporting your FOP and the Fallen Heroes Memorial. For those of you who wish to donate to this year’s car show please submit your donations either in person or via mail by September 17, 2021.

Mail to:

FOP 89 c/o 1VP Sherrice Carpenter

PO Box 510

Lothian, MD 20711  

Additionally, please indicate how you would like to have your name printed on the back of the shirt and the size of your t-shirts. 

The donation tiers are as follows:

$100 donation – Bronze Sponsor (2 T-shirts)

$250 donation – Silver Sponsor (5 t-shirts)

$500 donation (8 t-shirts)

$1000 donation (10 t-shirts)

Fraternally Yours,

Sherrice M. Carpenter

1st Vice President, FOP 89

301.952.0882 Office