June 22, 2021 By

Afternoon all,

Recently there has been some confusion about the county’s badge “replacement” process as sent out on email. The true nature of this process has grown into various interpretations most of which are, unfortunately, incorrect. Contact with Mrs. Zel Windsor, Office of the Chief, should only be made if your badge is LOST or STOLEN. The process outlined below is NOT simply to request a new badge because of wear & tear, rank adjustment, etc. Below is the verbatim policy from the Department on a replacement badge:

“In the event a Prince George’s County Police Department retired badge is lost or stolen, you will need to obtain a police report documenting the lost or stolen incident, from the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.  The police report needs to list exactly which retired credentials are lost or stolen. 

A copy of that report needs to be sent to Zel Windsor, Office of the Chief, at or via US Mail, to 8801 Police Plaza, Suite 210, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. 

Please include your rank, ID number and date of retirement, along with a phone number and email address with your police report.

A request for replacement credentials will be submitted to the Chief for review and consideration.  If the request is approved, you will be instructed on the replacement process. 

All replacement credentials will have to be purchased.

At this time, the Department does not have a badge exchange program for tarnished or older badges. Only badges deemed defective, may be considered for exchange.

Please feel free to contact Zel Windsor via email,, if there are any additional questions.”