Traffic law reminder

Recently, a member was involved in a minor Departmental Accident in a marked cruiser. The member was enroute to a report of a contact shooting and was assigned a position on the perimeter of the scene. In order to get to the assigned location, the member had stopped at an intersection prior to attempting to make a U-turn. The member while stopped was struck from behind by another motorist who had not been paying full time and attention. An investigation was initiated by the Traffic Enforcement Unit. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined by TEU that the member contributed to the accident which was administratively deemed Preventable. After some discussion with the Department, it was stated that the member failed to activate their emergency equipment prior to initiating the U-turn and therefore contributed to the cause of the accident. It should be clearly stated that the FOP does not agree with this finding; however, members are reminded to adhere to all traffic laws. Members should exercise all precautions when responding to calls for service. The FOP wants to not only ensure the safety of the citizens; but, more so you the men and women who put themselves on the line every day!

!!!Important Worker’s Compensation Issues!!!

To All FOP Lodge 89 Members, We have been made aware of several problems with Corvel, the County’s worker’s compensation administrator. The most common issues adversely affecting this membership have been Corvel’s refusal or delay in paying healthcare bills and authorization of treatment associated with a claim. In either case, the member is potentially harmed by adverse information on their credit report; or, worsening of their condition due to an inability to receive proper treatment. Both situations are unacceptable! Members are asked to forward copies of the following to the Department’s Risk Management Division: • Copies of any delinquent worker’s compensation bills or notations on an individual’s credit report due to a delinquent medical bill; • Refusal by Corvel of any treatment or surgery, including lengthy delays in authorization for treatment or surgery. The Risk Management Division and FOP Lodge 89 are actively and aggressively looking into any and all matters. Members can fax, 301-583-2002, or email,,information directly to the Department’s Risk Management Division. You may also contact Risk Management at 301-794-1120 with any questions or problems. Members should also forward the same information to the FOP at or fax to 301-627-2757.