July 5, 2022 By
The family and friends of Cpl. Terry Middleton are mourning his death. Terry passed away late last week at his home. He was off-duty at the time.
Terry was a 16-year veteran of the agency and was currently assigned to the Bureau of Patrol, Division II Bowie Station. In addition to serving Prince George’s County residents, Corporal Middleton volunteered with the FDNY for 31 years – active for 15 of those years and honorary for 16 years.
Terry was a devoted father and husband who is survived by his wife and four daughters. His daughters are aged 18, 15, 14, and 11. Although his death was unexpected, the county medical examiner’s officers declined to conduct an autopsy. This concerned his family, and they paid for one out of their savings. Terry was also the provider of healthcare benefits which they will be losing shortly unless they can come up with an extra 1 thousand dollars a month. With Terry being the main breadwinner, this will prove difficult for Allison, his wife. I am asking his friends and family to come together and support them through this time of need. These funds will be used to cover the cost of the autopsy and healthcare coverage for the family for 6 months. Thank you for your support during this time of need.