October 12, 2021 By

Good Afternoon Brothers and Sisters,

On Thursday, September 23, 2021 nominations for the 2022-2023 FOP 89 Board of Directors positions were accepted at the General Membership Meeting.  The following is the list of the nominations and contested positions. 

FOP 89 elections will be held on Thursday, November 18, 2021.  For full information on voting please see the attached letter from our Chief Election Judge, Past President Percel Alston.


Position                           1st Nominee   2nd Nominee


President                          Angelo L. Consoli, Jr.         Unopposed

1st Vice President            Sherrice Carpenter             Unopposed

2nd Vice President           Paul Mazzei Jr.                     Unopposed

Recording Secretary       Teresa Gay                          Unopposed

Treasurer                        James Janifer                       Unopposed

Parliamentarian               Jeramie Jordan                    Unopposed

State Trustee                  Gary Pickering                     Unopposed

Membership Secretary    Juan Hunt                            Unopposed

Conductor                       Walt Calhoun                       Unopposed

Chaplain                         Lowuan Woods                    Unopposed

Sgt. At Arms                   Sean Harris                          Unopposed

Outer Guard                   Jim Kelly                               Unopposed

Inner Guard                    Jennifer Reio                        Unopposed

Historian                         Bruce Evartt                          Unopposed


Stop Stewards:


Hyattsville                       Josh Feldman                       Unopposed

Bowie                             Jason Swope                         Unopposed

Seat Pleasant                Mark Rumbarger                   Unopposed

Oxon Hill                        Al Hayes                                Unopposed

Clinton                           John Goodman                      Unopposed

Beltsville                        George Schwaeble                Unopposed

District VII                      Seth Meachem                      Unopposed

District VIII                     Mosell Jones                          Unopposed

IAD                                Brandon Moroney                 Unopposed

CID                                Wesley Burns                       Unopposed

NED                               Terrell Brooks                       Unopposed

SOD                              Joseph Lister                        Unopposed

TED                               Shannon Baldwin     vs.     Christopher Grimes

RID                                Cameron Coiner                    Unopposed

Evidence/Property         Adrian Clayton                      Unopposed

SID                                Ryan Minnich                        Unopposed

Criminal Intelligence      Derrick Neumer                     Unopposed

Office of the Chief         Tonya Proctor                        Unopposed



Fraternally Yours,

Sherrice M. Carpenter

1st Vice President, FOP 89