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Please see below…..many thanks to our PCEA Family for the information.  

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The link below is to a site which will produce a Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination from Maryland Department of Health for those members who have received the Covid-19 vaccine.  You will need to register, select Maryland from the dropdown, using the same information (Name/DOB/Phone Number/Email Address)  you used when registering for your Covid-19 vaccine.  Once you have registered the site will do an automatic search and should populate your certificate.  From there you can print a pdf copy of the Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination and/or save the document to your file.  Again, you MUST use the same email address that you used when signing up for the vaccination in the beginning.

This certificate will show your name, D.O.B., the date of each dose, manufacturer you were given, and lot number.  All this information will show on one (1) document.