HR-218 Info


Prince George’s County HR 218

Those wishing to qualify must contact the range for scheduling one week in advance at (301) 372-1122 or (301) 372-1518.

We’ll schedule additional days during the year as time allows. If you get a recording call back or leave a contact number.

Please be prompt. If you need to cancel, please contact the range ASAP so the vacancy can be filled with another shooter. Retirees scheduled to qualify at the Prince George's County Police Firearms Range on Dyson Rd. must bring with them the notarized Affidavit in order to receive a certification card.

Next Available Dates -

Both dates are full   Sir,

Would you add October 23 and October 24 to the FOP Website as LEOSA dates?  Please add that seating will be limited to 12 people.  Start time will be 1600 in the classroom.  Door will be locked at 1601.   I am getting a lot of requests, but we don’t have the days available, so I am going to try and take 12 each of those dates.  There will be no more for the year.


Lt. Jimmy Baden #2052

Prince George's County Police

Training and Education Division

A/Manager, Firearms Training Section

Desk: 301-372-1518

Cell: 240-695-4428


Officers attending must bring with them the attached notarized application for certification. Currently there is no notary on staff.

Officers must also have a holster that fits securely outside their pants.

Also please note any retiree wishing to qualify with a revolver must have a six shot revolver.

Frangible 40 cal. 9 mm and 38 cal. ammunition will be made available. Any retiree qualifying with another caliber handgun must have lead free ammunition.

ALL ammo used at the range is green, which means NO LEAD at all. If you bring your own ammo, it MUST be green.  Some attendees have brought firearms for which the range did not have ammo, and because their ammo was not green, they had to utilize a weapon borrowed from the range.

Officers should have the application for certification notarized prior to attending the class in the event no notary is available on their scheduled date.

Contact information for the Range is as follows:

LT Jim Baden , Manager, Firearms Training Section, Prince George’s County Police Dept.

Office: 301-372-1518     Cell: 240-695-4428     Fax: 301-372-2976


Charles County HR 218 Retiree’s interested in receiving their LEOSA / H. R. 218 qualification may do so by attending a course provided by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. The course is held on the first and third Thursday of each month at 0900 hours at Middleton Hall in Waldorf. It consists of two hours classroom followed by 30 rounds day and 30 rounds night for a total of a 60 round qualification course. The course is $40. All shooters are required to supply their own ammunition. Please call Rick Nichols at 301-542-6394 with any questions and to make an appointment. By appointment only.


Prince George’s Community College HR 218 Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (Commonly Known As HR218) qualification is now scheduled by Prince George’s Community College. Call (301) 546-0175 for details.