Info Request – 1982 Cold Case

November 4, 2021 By

From George Swope


Assistance Needed to Solve a Cold Case:

A 1982 Rape


Detective Wade Zufall of the Howard County Police Dept. needs our help. Det. Zufall is trying to locate an officer who worked for the DC Metropolitan Police Department. The officer’s daughter was raped in Virginia in 1982, which occurred on Route 17 in Gloucester County, VA on January 2, 1982. At the time, the officer lived in Baltimore and the female victim lived in VA Beach. Det. Zufall is currently working on a cold case homicide that could be the suspect in this unsolved rape. We pray for all the victims involved in this tragic set of events and hope someone can assist. 


Please let Det. Zufall know if you can help locate the officer, or contact him directly with specific questions.


DFC Wade Zufall

Cold Case Homicide

Howard County Police