Promotional Training Opportunity!!

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Hello Promotional Candidates:

Beat out your competition in your upcoming promotional process and achieve your goal of being promoted by training with the experts. Our students consistently score at the top of the competition because we specialize in personal coaching for their specific promotional process and are genuinely committed to their success. Ask those supervisors in your agency who have taken our programs and learn how our training programs have helped them excel in their promotional process and become successful leaders in their organization. Ensure your success by registering today for one of our nationally acclaimed training programs:

(1) Succeeding in the Assessment Center/Oral Board Workshop: This workshop will teach you proven strategies and techniques for thinking through the questions and problem scenarios presented in the Assessment Center/Oral Board promotional process. In doing so, you will receive detailed instruction and demonstrations on how to  present yourself, think through and respond to the problem scenarios, and score maximum points in the process.

 (2) Succeeding in the Assessment Center/Oral Board Via Dynamic New Audio Training Modules:  This 12-hour program explains all the strategies for successfully performing in the Assessment Center/Oral Board and allows you to start your preparation today. The program comes with a detailed training booklet and numerous demonstrations by an experienced law enforcement commander and nationally certified assessor. The program also allows you to play back the demonstrations as frequently as you want, so you can master the strategies and excel in the process.  Throughout the program, your instructor will contact you to ensure your progress and success.

(3) Personal Coaching and Development Program: Receive personal coaching and development from an experienced law enforcement commander and nationally certified law enforcement assessor who will teach you how to successfully prepare for both the Assessment Center/Oral Board component of the promotional process. 

(4) Assessment Center Training Material: This product will give you all the training material you need to succeed in the Assessment Center/Oral Board process. This material includes our Assessment Center/Oral Board Strategy Guidebook and Training Exercise Booklet with practice exercises on each of the oral, interactive, and written exercises presented in the Assessment Center process, along with over 50 situation scenarios for the Structured Oral Interview Exercise.

For more information on how to register for these programs, please visit and click on products on the home page and/or call us. We guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to helping you achieve your goal of being promoted and becoming a successful leader in your organization.

Sincerely committed to helping public safety professionals reach their highest potential!

Colonel Tim Gillette (Ret.)

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