May 4, 2021 By

Brothers and Sisters,

Tomorrow Wednesday May 5, 2021 there will be a Retired Association meeting at the Lodge at 6 PM. Past President Sister Ginette will continue the tradition she began and read the names of all deceased Retired members. Additionally Brother Bruce Evartt will have his slide show of deceased retired members.

Cole’s Catering will serve: Grilled Pork Chops , salad, garlic mashed potatoes,  roasted vegetables, dessert

The retired civilians will be invited to join us.

 Bobbi Jermyn

Jessi Britton 
Kathy Wilson Barney
Sallie Musser
Joanann Walther 
Becki Harden 
Linda Henegar
Fran Calhoon
Tom Yankovy
Gary Harrison 
Joan Kimmell
Lynn Gill
Minnie Dilday 
Gloria Pumphrey
Sandy Holzberger
Joe Rollo
Mary Osborne and son Kelly
Delores Ryan 
Juanita Sumpter Harris 
Georgia Buckley 
Regina Grogan 
Wendy Staniford
Toni Frostbutter Nelson