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October 23, 2017 Fraternal Good News
Lunch with Charlie report:
On Wednesday October 18 at Three Brothers there was a Mike Landrum sighting. Yes the elusive Big Foot was picked up by Dick Mac McNally  and came to lunch. Also there was Jim Hunt, Denny Campbell, Bruce Evartt,  Harry Adams, Dave Van Dyke and Phil Constantino.
On Thursday October 19 at Marie's Diner Mickey Ferriter, Little John Richardson, Harry Toren, Tom Gross, Tommy Blandford, Ernie Jones, Rob Taylor, John Davey, Bruce Gentile, Ranson McLamb and his wife.
Mickey Ferriter met Betty Steffy, wife of deceased member George Steffy,  at an event in Dalgren, Virginia.  Betty thanked Mickey and Toni Nelson for making sure she receives the Retired Association newsletter. She still meets Ray Schroeder for chili dogs every Thursday.
 October 23, 2017      Brother Guy Tepsick Insurance Agency
Brother Guy Tepsick and his wife, Yvonne, have an independent insurance agency, TEPSICK INSURANCE AGENCY.  They live in the Villages in Florida and can be reached at 202-439-2530 or ytepisick@gmail .com.
Web site  
October 18, 2017 Thank you from Brother Swope 

FYI. I received a thank you note from the Harris Co. FOP in Houston Texas. The not was signed by the board of directors. The donation was part of the 50/50 funds that Toni raised at the reunion. The note advised that the $650.00 went to assist two Officers that lost everything during the hurricane. Thanks to everyone that was strong armed by Toni and purchased 50/50 tickets. George

October 4, 2017  Session 60 Reunion
The members of Session 60 Academy class are planning a 35th anniversary reunion on 11-18-17.
For those interested in attending, and for more information please contact:
Steve Kerpelman:



February 1, 2017

This is the web site to view your monthly check, W2, 1099R is membership secretary assistant Toni Frostbutter Nelson for use of Retired Association business. It is also the mass email address to send out membership notifications. is President Phil Constantino’s personal email.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

CIGNA Healthcare Members Customer Service is now open 24/7. The number for Customer Service is 1-800-244-6224.

You can access the site from the County web site and select Retiree Connection from the “select an agency” drop down.

The website is

If you need to get a retired ID issued, you need to contact the Police Personnel Division: