July 19, 2021 By

Brothers and Sisters,

Please see below from Retired Association President Constantino:

Thank all of you who have called the Retired Association in response to the Dependent Verification letter sent by the county. President Consoli has been in contact with the county and the FOP lawyers. Please read the letter closely. There are many alternatives on getting the information wanted to the company. 

Example: A member who joined the department in the sixties and  now is in his seventies has been married for 60 years. He can’t find his marriage license and the Bureau of Vital Statistics wants $50 for a duplicate. Send an alternate document like a bank statement with all information blacked out but the names and the address. 

A member called to tell us the asking for tax information is illegal. That is correct. Even when one goes to apply for a mortgage the requester must fill out an IRS form. But,  to copy the first page of a tax return and black out all financial information leaving only the dependents names is allowed.

The bottom line is retirees must get the information to the dependent verifying company. Don’t risk having a dependent cut off from health care.