December 6, 2021 By

Good morning, all! We have a favor to ask to help out Prince George’s County Communications!

Our job as 911 dispatchers is crucial to the emergency system, however we operate behind the scenes. We rarely get the chance to meet the community serve, and are sometimes forgotten.

The Christmas tree at work needs a little love and sparkle. What better way to add public service Christmas pizazz than ornaments from not only the citizens we serve, but our personal communities of friends and family. We have lots of needs, but if you’d like to find an easy way to spread a little cheer to some first responders, we’d love to receive an ornament from you!

If you’re interested, I can provide a shipping location or if you’re local, I can arrange pick up. Any kind of ornament would be appreciated! We just ask that sign the back with your name and location (ie: The Smith Family Bowie, Maryland) so we can remember the love you’ve shown us, both near and far, this season. Please feel free to share and pass the word!

Thank you for your time! Happy holidays!

****Update: Operation Ornament 911 now has a mailing address****

6302 Sheridan Point Rd

Prince Frederick, MD 20678