November 17, 2021 By

Brothers and Sisters,

The Lodge is happy to reiterate the recent email in reference to the upcoming pilot program for the blue utility uniform at FedEx Field events. This has been a long standing issue that we hope the membership will receive positively and sign up to work the final to home games of the season now that the utility uniform is authorized. Over the last few months, we have heard an overwhelming response that the implementation of such a program would be advantageous and result in INCREASED sign-ups for such events. We are thankful that the Department and the Commanders at SOD have responded and worked with the Lodge in a favorable way and implemented this pilot program in an attempt to MINIMIZE the need to mandate Officers work the games.

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE….there is a two game pilot program in place. If there is not a good response to this pilot program then there will NOT be another chance to implement the utility uniform at FedEx. For those who have wanted to work FedEx in the utility uniform…now is your chance!