Update on Retiree Association President Constantino – 1/22

January 22, 2021 By

A new update on Phil from Carol

Hello everybody I wanted to give you an update on everything that has been going on with Phil over the last 2 1/2 weeks. The last time I wrote to you on 1/8 everything was going well and they actually were talking about releasing him in a few days to go to an acute rehab.

Later that evening/early Saturday morning the bottom dropped out. Phil‘s oxygen level hit rock bottom, he started running a fever and developed bacterial pneumonia. Saturday morning they tested him for Covid and Sunday the results came back that he was positive. Yes, he caught Covid while he was in the hospital, go figure 🤬. He was taken to ICU and put on 100% high flow oxygen and was in ICU for six days. Once he got to a regular Covid floor last Thursday things started improving a little bit each day. By Tuesday they were talking about releasing him again to an acute rehab. They made the decision that he would be transported Wednesday to MedSTAR national rehab hospital at 4:00. Due to several issue that arose (nothing medical), they were unable to transport him and advised him that he would be transported at 12:00 on Thursday. On Thursday morning, they told him that they had to change the time to 4:00. Well everybody knows how understanding Phil is 😂, he was so pissed that he was ready to sign himself out against medical advice and told me to come and get him. After talking him off the ledge, he agreed to stay until 4:00, but not a minute after. Thank goodness the transport showed up a little after three and he was taken to the national rehab hospital where he is currently going to be for a few weeks I’m sure. After laying in a hospital bed for three weeks, he is going to need to build up his strength to be able to come home.

Again I want to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts and prayers during the last 3 weeks. Hopefully Phil will be home so and back to normal .

Thanks, Carol