July 16, 2021 By

**UPDATE – 3:57 PM**

After multiple calls today, the OHRM Director has finally advised President Consoli the remaining Sgt scores will be distributed by 7pm TODAY.

We are now in constant communication with both OHRM and the Department and we will continue to monitor the distribution of scores in real time. 

We will report anything new if/when we receive it. 


Brothers & Sisters,

The Lodge is aware of the major issues surrounding the distribution of scores by OHRM. President Consoli’s requests for answers to the management of OHRM went without response for days. As a result the Lodge referred the issues to the Chief and the County Executive’s Office since no response was given. As a result, the Director of OHRM contacted President Consoli yesterday evening and the Lodge can report the following as a update :

OHRM Director finally called President Consoli back after her superiors were notified. She admitted OHRM was responsible for all the issues but offered no explanations. Stated she will investigate and report back. She said the EARLIEST things could be fixed was late this afternoon (FRIDAY) after they investigate.

NFD at this time. We will update when we learn more.

Unfortunately this was the first response from OHRM. We understand it does not answer any questions nor revive any faith in the OHRM distribution system, which has been unacceptable thus far. This was communicated to all parties involved by President Consoli. Additional details will be distributed if/when they are received by OHRM.