June 2023 Retired Association Meeting Minutes

June 30, 2023 By
June 2023 Retired Association Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Diane Salen at 1800, the final roll call was held for the following members:

Sgt. Ed Rice #322

Sgt. John Baione #1374

Prayers were offered for the following members who lost loved ones: Brother Ivan Lanier and Erwin Lanier lost their brother Pennsylvania State Trooper Willie Lanier

Brother Beau Jarvis lost his father Harold Jarvis

Prayers were offered for the speedy and complete recovery of Brother Bob Zidek who is now at home and Brother Mike Morristte who is out of the hospital and at home after battling pneumonia.

Pledge of Allegiance

Seldom Seen: Pete Quimby, Jackie Jackson, Dana Hamm, Chantal Vargas.


New Retirees: Carissa Clarke

First Meeting: Katie Mills

Guests: Mike Burley, and the COPS Ride Committee members

Old Business:

1) Empower Deferred Comp Plan; we received some calls from members who stated that their entire balance did not transfer over when the provider was changed. Brother George Swope stated that there are several funds, and one fund will not transfer over until December. Please keep an eye on your account to make sure this happens.

2) We are still looking for Chaplains to serve the Retired Officers Association. The thought process is that we would develop a list of several members willing to serve as Chaplains that we could notify them of funerals, retirees that have been hospitalized, or retirees that are home recuperating so that the Chaplains could visit or reach out and contact them. So far we have not had any response other than members expressing that they thought this is a good idea. If you are interested, please reach out to VP Salen.

3) Ron Kozlowski’s memorial Service, Sunday, May 21 at 1300 is here at the lodge.

4) COPLINE Active Listening class. November 8-12 Titusville Florida. Go to COPLINE.org and complete the questionnaire. COPLINE is a crisis hotline for law enforcement and their families. They are specifically looking for retired Law Enforcement officers as they feel that they will have the best perspective and experience to guide current LEO’s through whatever they are experiencing.

Presidents Report: President Constantino was unable to attend as Carol had to work at the graduation for Northern High School.

Secretaries report Mike Landrum: 883 members. Our Secretary was excused from the meeting as he was out of town.

Treasurers report Milt Crump: current balance $52,305.44

FOP Report:

President Consoli spoke about Senate Bill #1 concealed carry bill which was passed without an exemption for retired law enforcement officers. This restricts the right to carry handguns in public locations. Permission would need to be granted by the property owner for any business establishment in order to carry on private property. Maryland FOP opposed this bill and two entities have filed suit NRA (Maryland) and Dems Shall Carry. Maryland FOP has chosen to join forces with the NRA as they are better positioned to defeat this bill. They will be filing a temporary restraining order to keep the bill from being enacted.

COPS Ride was Sunday June 11

Memorial T-Shirts are in stock at the Lodge.

Finance Committee: Received a request for a $1,000 donation for the COPS Ride. That request was approved.

Raffles: 50/50 raffle winner was Bud Price, and his winnings were donated to the fallen heroes memorial fund.

Good of the Order:

1. Ocean City Reunion- October 19-22 Rooms available at the Grand room code is PGFP23. We will do the crab feast Saturday night at Waterman’s and still looking for an alternative dinner for Friday night.

Jack Magruder is arranging the golf outings again this year. Make sure to make reservations early there are several events happening that weekend and the hotels may book quickly.

2. Wing Wednesday 6/14 at the Lodge

3. Lunch with Charlie Dockside in Deale on 6/14 at 1100

4. Tuesday, June 13th Mandy Pickering/Santos will be moving to Tennessee, and this will be her last night working at the lodge, they are asking everyone to get there at 3:30-4:00 to give her a good send off.

5. Glyde Montgomery retirement, Friday, June 16th at the Lodge.

Next meeting Wednesday, July 5, 2023 6:00 p.m.